Boom Boom *POW*

I should always always always listen to my gut.

Northern California has been getting pounded by storms since Thursday.

Friday morning as I’m shooing my daughter out the door to get into the car to go to school my gut was telling me “ya know, there’s lousy weather, people are slip-sliding everywhere on the roads, maybe you should just stay home”.  Oh how I wish I had listened.

I dropped my daughter off at school with no incident.  I leave the school and work my way back on to Interstate 680 to come back home.  I’m on on the interstate for 2 mins and BAM!!!  Rear ended by a mid-size pickup that locked up his brakes and slammed right into me.  Some of you know I am all too familiar with this situation.  I was in a similar wreck last year that ultimately ended my dispatch career and prompting me to start up Crabby’s Cakes.

Luckily this time I was not at a dead stop, but still took quite a hit.  I was in my husband’s car this time and the back end is all banged up.  I think insurance will probably total it out.

So begins the weeks of chiropractic appts to try and manage my pain.  I went to Kaiser to get checked out that same day and they never bothered to do a full exam nor do xrays so I’m not relying on them to fix me.  My right hip is pretty jacked and am using a cane to get around.  Sigh.  Such is life.

I guess the point of this post is to say that I cannot take orders until further notice.  😦


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