Recent cakes

Cake business has been slow.  I’ve made cinnamon rolls for a few clients, but not real big cake orders.  I had entered a cake in the Dixon May Fair, but then realized that they were due the day that we were in Reno for a big rabbit convention so we scratched our entries.

I’ve gotten to make 2 big milestone cakes over the past month.  One was for my neighbor’s daughter who turned the big 18.


It was a 1/2 sheet chocolate cake filled and dirty iced with buttercream.  I covered it with fondant and airbrushed it teal.  I then cut out zebra stripes out of chocolate fondant and attached them to the cake.  The birthday message are fondant letters held in place with toothpicks.

Yesterday I made a graduation cake for the same girl. Again, 1/2  sheet chocolate with buttercream icing.


This is also 4-H’s 100th year in California.  Solano Co 4-H had a centennial barbeque at Hall Park in Dixon, behind the Dixon May Fairgrounds.  We had it the Saturday night of the fair and had a good turnout of alumni and current 4-H members.  I was asked to provide the dessert.  I didn’t want to have to deal with a big cake and then having to pack a knife and something to serve it with, so I decided to make about 150 cupcakes and ice them green and white and lay them out in the shape of the 4-H clover.


Yes, the upper right hand ‘H’ is short.  One of  my white cupcakes fell on the ground and I had no extra so I had to make due.

Solano Co Fair is coming up end of July and early August.  I have a super hero birthday cake entered so my next post will be about that.  My daughter is entering barnyard cake pops.



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